Our complete webbased SMS-service on this site gives you the possibility to communicate by SMS in a very easy manageable way.

Hereunder we are very pleased to explain you more about our SMS-solution:
· This service supports almost all European Mobile Operators and a even more.
· You are able to send individual SMS and multi-SMS. Multi-SMS can be send to pre-defined groups, who are easy manageable.
· You can send SMS with a maximum length of 804 characters.
· It is a prepaid service.
· As a customer, you have different reporting tools. Your can manage your account and your contacts and detailed statistics about the use of this SMS-tool are available (i.e. Status of the SMS, Time/Date/Destination/Content of all SMS, …).

If you are looking for integration of a SMS-service in your current ICT-infrastructure or if you want to know more about other extended SMS-services, feel free to contact us .
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